Q&A with Alex Reese

Alex Reese

Alex Reese received his M.S. in Mechanical and Energy Engineering in December 2016. Since graduating from UNT he has worked at Northrop Grumman in Florida where he is currently a structural analysis engineer in which he performs structural and stress analysis on metal and composite aircraft parts.

How do you use your UNT degree at work Every day?

When I step into work I utilize the knowledge and skills that my UNT degree provided me. The knowledge that came from courses such as differential equations, mechanics of materials, and dynamics. This also includes skills that were obtained from writing design and lab reports while working on group projects throughout my coursework.

What new skills you have gained?

Since beginning work as a structural engineer I have learned how to model, analyze, post-process, and report my findings using top of the line software the industry has to offer. I’ve also begun to learn how to properly network and develop professional relationships with individuals from varying backgrounds.

What is a happy memory from UNT?

One of my fondest memories from UNT was when I was giving a tour of the engineering building to a prospective student and her family. Throughout the tour, students were constantly greeting or waving at us as we passed by. After the tour, the prospective made a remark about how “popular” I must be - to which I just laughed. It wasn’t until later that week that I realized how many friends, both students and faculty alike, I had made in my years at UNT and how we were all just one big happy nerdy family that were always excited to see one another on campus.

What advice do you have for current students at MEE UNT?

If I were to give advice to current MEE students at UNT, I would say to diversify your coursework, begin networking with your fellow students, aim to secure at least one internship, and most of all have fun. Being an engineer is challenging and it doesn’t magically get easier once you enter the “real world”. Enjoy your time at UNT while making friends that will last a lifetime.