Senior Design sponsors

Information for Sponsors

Senior Design Projects are typically problems that small, medium and large size businesses identify as a need for which extensive staff resources are not available. Companies typically consider it valuable to develop professional relationships with the department and students. Internships, permanent jobs upon graduation and increased senior design project participation has been a typical outcome of the MEE Senior Design experience in the past 2 years. Feedback from industry sponsors has shown that the benefit of having a senior design project completed far outweighs the financial cost of the project. 

How to Offer A Project

To review past projects please see here.

To fill out the template for the project proposal click here to download the proposal template.
Then email a completed form to Email: Mark.

What Does it Cost?

The cost of the project depends on the project selected. Industry sponsors are responsible for providing the materials and supplies needed for project completion. Sponsors do not pay student labor costs. There are two ways to provide funds: 1) the sponsor purchases all materials in house or 2) cash support can be made to the MEE department via Director of Development in College of Engineering and purchases will be made through the department. 


Sponsor companies will receive the project reports and prototype(s) when required. Deliverables include:

  • Definition of the problem and functional needs
  • Various ways to solve the problem
  • Selection of the optimal solution based on risk/reward/resource comparative assessment
  • Drawings and design specifications
  • Prototypes, computer programs, simulation models as applicable
  • Cost analysis
  • Summary of what worked and what didn’t and recommendations for future designs

Non-Disclosure and IP

These needs can be directly brought to the attention of the MEE Senior Design Team by sending an email or contacting Dr. Mark Wasikowski.

Dr. Mark Wasikowski - Associate Clinical Professor
Phone: (940) 369 - 8030
Office Location: F101L
Email: Mark.