Hopping Through Success

Xavier Rios & Bunny

Xavier Rios, a student in the Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering, has earned an impressive amount of scholarships during his time at the University of North Texas – a feat that can be inspiring for both future and current students alike.

Described as energetic and happy, Rios has received numerous scholarships and awards, including the ABMA Randy Swanson Scholarship for 2018 and 2019, the Space City Charities 2018 Scholarship, the Verna Wolf Golf Tournament 2019 Scholarship, the Eagle Excellence Scholarship, and was even a semi-finalist for the Department of Defense’s SMART Scholarship.

“I feel so honored and humbled to have received so many of these scholarships and awards, and it’s given me so many unique opportunities I wouldn’t have had otherwise,” he said.

From connecting to the CEO of a large engineering organization, to making an industry film, to an invitation to the Space City Credit Union annual golf tournament, Rios cannot begin to express how important it is to always try for scholarships and go out for new experiences.

“Apply, and don’t let fear of failure dictate your path,” he said. “And then go out and explore life beyond scholarships!”

It’s a mantra that Rios himself lives by. As an avid gamer and volunteer at the Bunny Burrow Rabbit Rescue, Rios credits enjoying life as part of the reason he has found success in his academics and is something he feels others should also aspire to.

You can find out more about the Bunny Burrow Rabbit Rescue here: http://www.thebunnyburrow.org/