Radek Glaser

  • Education

    PhD, University of Maine, 2016
    Major: Mechanical Engineering
    Degree Specialization: Space Inflatable Structures
    Dissertation Title: Comparative Experimental, Finite Element and Dimensional Explorations of the Inflation, Deflation and Leakage of a Thin Membrane Space Structure

    Certificate, University of Maine, 2013
    Major: Graduate Innovation Engineering
    Degree Specialization: Biomedical Engineering
    Dissertation Title: Multifunctional Ophthalmic Device for the Limbal Rings Installation to Correct Hyperopia, Myopia and Presbyopia

    MSc, University of Maine, 2009
    Major: Mechanical Engineering
    Degree Specialization: Smart Materials and Structures
    Dissertation Title: Experimental Investigations of Magnetic and Magneto-Rheological Materials and their Rigidification Properties

    BS, University of Maine, 2007
    Major: Mechanical Engineering
    Degree Specialization: Minors: Biomedical Engineering and Mathematics
    Dissertation Title: Design and Characteristics of a Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar Apparatus

    Certificate, Humber College of Technology, 1995
    Major: CNC Programming and Machining

    AS, Mechanical College #3, 1989
    Major: Design of Machines