Value in Membership

Research, collaboration and oversight:

  1. Selection of project topics that membership resources support
  2. Direct influence over cutting-edge research of prime interest
  3. NSF reporting & IAB reviews on semiannual formal basis
  4. Rapid transfer of results from projects to all members
  5. First rights and access to developments including patents, licenses, publications
  6. Networking between member companies allows insight into a broad spectrum of issues and enables industry to weigh value of research before investing significantly into it.

Leveraging resources and synergy:

  1. Access to university research labs with world-class facilities
  2. Highly Leveraged investment in strategic research area for competitive advantage
  3. Cost-effective R&D in today’s budget-tight environment, ideal for ROI

Personnel and recruitment:

  1. Access to strong cadre of faculty, students, post-docs
  2. Strong pool of students with experience for internships with industry
  3. Offering of automotive engineering curricula, theory and practice