Alumni Spotlight: Kelsey Gorman

Alumni“The University of North Texas originally appealed to me because of their Mechanical and Energy Engineering program. This unique degree allowed me to learn both engineering fundamentals and specialized knowledge that sparked my interest.  During my time at UNT, I took two classes on LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

I also interned at Schneider Electric in their energy performance contracting business. These two experiences went hand-in-hand – I learned fundamentals in the classroom and saw their practical application at work.

After graduation, I began working for Schneider Electric. Since I had interned the previous summer, I was made responsible for the summer 2016 interns’ final project. This project consisted of an energy audit of our Carrollton office that would allow them a two week experience as an energy engineer. The goals of this energy audit project aligned closely with the goals of LEED certification – to reduce energy consumption and promote sustainability – so I added two LEED credits as part of the project. The interns presented their research and found that Schneider Electric’s Carrollton office has reduced water usage by 23.44% by replacing plumbing fixtures and fittings. Overall, I am thankful for UNT’s Mechanical and Energy Engineering elective classes. The LEED classes in particular prepared me for my career and gave me value in my workplace!”

 Kelsey Gorman
Energy Performance Specialist
Schneider Electric, Carrollton, Texas