Quick Facts

MEE Department

  • Nation's first Mechanical and Energy Engineering Dept.
  • Began in 2007 with 77 students
  • 354% enrollment increase over the past 5 years
  • Current undergraduate enrollment: 602
  • Current Masters enrollment: 45
  • Current Ph.D. enrollement: 8
  • International enrollment: 61
  • Faculty count: 14
  • Avg. class size: 36
  • Avg. lab class size: 37
  • Degrees offered: 3
  • # of B.S. degrees awarded: 80 (AY2013-14)
  • Avg. SAT/ACT score: 1127/25
  • Avg. external funding: $1,350,000
  • # of facilities: 12


  • Nation's 26th largest public university
  • Total enrollment: about 36,000
  • Countries represented: 136
  • States represented: 49


  • Nation's second largest technology corridor
  • Nation's 4th largest metropolitan area 
  • Home to many of the nation’s fastest growing cities

About Us

About Us

Academic programs and environment

The Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering is a high-caliber program that attracts attention from across the nation. It boasts small classes and qualified, approachable faculty, and the supportive learning environment inspires high academic achievement. 

The MEE department offers undergraduate and graduate level education with three degrees:

  • Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical and Energy Engineering
  • Master of Science in Mechanical and Energy Engineering
  • Ph.D. in Mechanical and Energy Engineering

Each path follows innovative curriculum that combines the essentials of the classical discipline of mechanical engineering with the deeper knowledge of the dynamic field of energy studies, including energy production, management and distribution.

Student and faculty

Faculty and Students

The Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering is diverse, welcoming more than 430 students each semester from across the world. MEE students work hard and excel academically. They are serious about research and advancement opportunities, and their focus pays off with scholarships, awards, grants and employment. Student success is also driven by the department's talented faculty, which includes award-winning researchers who pride themselves on being open, approachable mentors to each student.

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UNT campus

The University and Region

UNT is the nation’s 26th largest public university and offers about 36,000 students many opportunities, both academically and socially. Its diverse, bright students come from 140 countries and 49 states for UNT’s high-quality academic reputation and the region’s dynamic growth and culture. Dallas-Fort Worth is the nation’s second largest technology corridor and the fourth largest metropolitan area, and it is home to many of the nation’s fastest growing cities, which makes for a continually growing number of employment and partnership opportunities.

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